Avoid the growth of weeds using these simple steps

Weeds are a competition to your cultivated plants, a deterrent to your lawn’s aesthetics, and a major consumer of your gardening time. You spend hours getting rid of them manually or with weed trimmers, and to your dismay they crop up again, neutralizing all your time and efforts. However, outdoing these obstinate plants is a living reality provided you implement a set of simple yet effective steps.

A feasible solution, mulching is all about blanketing the weed and restricting its access to sunlight, while keeping the soil moisture intact. As such, the weed growth is inhibited comprehensively without the need for chemicals that can pose a hazard to your garden. For mulching your garden, you have the choice of organic and inorganic mulches, each of which is equally effective. If still few weeds manage to survive, use your gas trimmers or weed trimmers to get rid of them.

Till the land twice
Weeds thrive in open spaces. Therefore, tilling the soil will help you effectively manage your lawn. You need to undertake the activity at least twice for better outcomes. The first time, you manage to bring seeds laying latent in the soil to the surface, allowing them to germinate and flourish. In the next effort, which is implementable when the weed shows some growth, you dismember weeds using a hoe. If the growth is significant, using weed trimmers or weed eaters as well.

Use landscape fabric
Employing a landscape fabric can be a winning move to restrict the excessive weed growth. Herein, you clear the lawn area using a weed trimmer and cover it up with a landscape fabric, which is porous in nature. The porosity allows the ingress of air and water to the soil while keeping weeds in inhospitable conditions. However, the activity demands some planning, as you need to cut holes precisely into the fabric surface at places where planting is to be done.

Avoiding the growth of stubborn weeds is essential for keeping your lawn in the peak of its health and aesthetics. Contrary to the popular perception, it is not so intricate a task, provided you are ready to follow a few effective steps.

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