All you need to know about pressure switches

Pressure switches are a certain kind of switches that get activated when a particular pressure is obtained at the input.

Pressure switches are used to detect mechanical changes in pressure. For example, automatic doors sensors are installed near a door that detect when a person is standing outside the door. These sensors are connected in a circuit to pressure switches, which open the door. Such pressure switches are also used as security alarms in pressure sensitive floors.

Pressure switches come in two major variations – mechanical and electronic designs. They can be designed to detect a certain specific range of pressure or to detect a general increase or decrease in pressure in its surrounding environment.

WIKA Alexander is one of the largest manufacturers and producers of pressure switches in our country. They produce both mechanical and electronic variations of pressure switches.

Mechanical pressure switches are the standard form of these switches. When a change in pressure activates them, they send an electric signal to the receiver. They do not need any auxiliary power to be operative. They are extremely reliable in nature. WIKA offers both high pressure and low pressure switching circuit pressure switches. It also provides protective covers for them.

Electronic pressure switches are based on an electronic pressure sensor. The biggest advantage of this switch is the large extent of user control that it provides. Parameters like switch points, output signals, and hysteresis, can be adjusted individually. They are also equipped with an analog display that lets us read exact pressure values.

Based on application, these pressure switches can be classified into pneumatic and hydraulic switches. Pneumatic switches are used widely in houses. For example – To regulate the drawing of water from a well, as in-cell charge control of a battery these switches are used. Aircrafts also use these switches to warn passengers when cabin pressure becomes critically low.

Hydraulic switches are widely used in the automobile industry to check for oil leakages in engines and other machines.

Thus, this is all about the different types of pressure switches that are available. Do your research about which pressure switch you require before buying one.

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