All you need to know about latex mattress

Latex in its pure form is derived from a rubber tree. It is considered as a great sleeping surface because it offers a lot of health benefits. Latex is highly durable, and many companies opt to make 100% natural luxury latex mattresses. They are free from chemicals, and a few of them include Plushbeds, Zenhaven, and Spindle. Latex mattresses should be purchased from a trusted website that offers a return back policy as its shelf life is about 10-15 years. US manufacturers eliminate mattresses which contain toxic and carcinogenic materials which do not disclose them on labels.

Key decisions should be taken when buying luxury latex mattresses online as follows-

  • The latex in a mattress can be all natural latex from rubber trees, synthetic latex through a chemical process, or a blend of natural and synthetic. Mostly natural latex mattresses are preferred.
  • Warranty of the luxury latex mattresses should be checked as latex can cause body compressions.
  • The good quality of latex depends on its foam and density. The higher the density the higher is the durability of the latex foam.
  • The types of cover offered for luxury latex mattresses should be organic, made of cotton, and chemical free.
  • The latex foam should be made of two processes like Dunlop and Talalay. These are eco-friendly and considered to be of a superior quality. Dunlop allows more comfort while Talalay is more breathable and softer.

Many US manufacturers and company owners confess to the fact that their bed of choice is a luxury latex mattress. They are used for back pain patients and it makes them one of the healthiest mattresses on the market. If the customers are not satisfied with the selection of their luxury latex mattresses they can contact the customer services and get it replaced within a time frame of two weeks depending on its availability. Giant online retailers like US-Mattress, Amazon etc. have an excellent customer service and pre and post-sale options. Most of the luxury latex mattresses are USA made product where compliance checks are stringent with overall customer satisfaction.

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