Advantages of using LG washer and dryer

The LG washer and dryers come in different makes and models. They are ideal for different residential and commercial uses. The washers and dryers combos from LG have advanced washing technology which washes the clothes gently. The energy and water consumption is relatively low, which makes them more efficient.

Here are some of the benefits of the LG washer and dryer combo:

Portable: The LG washer and dryer combo are portable. You can pull it when you need to do the laundry and bring them back to the storage space when not in use.

Small Storage: As the name indicates, the LG washer and dryer combo have both washer and dryer in a single package. This eliminates the need to store and manage two different appliances. The LG washer and dryer combo are available in different capacities. Plus they have counter heights that indicate you can place them under kitchen and other counters. There is no need to get extra space to store the LG washer and dryer combo.

Ventless: Unlike the traditional washer and dryer the LG dryer and washer combo need not be vented. You can install them anywhere where there are water and electricity supply.

Electricity Consumption: The LG washer and dryer consumes less energy. Normally, the LG washer and dryers need 115 volts. In contrast, the standard dryer requires 230 volts.

High Efficiency: The LG washer and dryer combo deliver high-efficient results. The LG Washer and Dryer require less water as compared to the top and front load.

Easy to use: It is relatively easy and simple to use the LG washer and dryer. You can put the load in the laundry depending on the capacities of washing machines. You can operate the LG washer and dryer using the manual buttons or the touchscreen panels. The clothes will be washed and dried quickly. No fraying or wear and tear of the clothes.

Gentle washing: The LG washer washes fabrics gently in contrast to the top load washing machines. It has horizontal axis drum mimics, which pull the clothes out of the water and immerses them back, thereby allowing efficient washing.

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