Advantages and features of convection wall ovens

Most people when moving into their new homes invest in convection wall ovens but have no idea as to what to do with them. The answer is actually quite simple: you can cook just about anything in a convection wall oven. It is not at all difficult to master the use of this type of oven, and the results that you get cooking anything from cookies to a Thanksgiving Turkey are simply spectacular.

You need to start using your convection wall oven in order to get comfortable with it. Unlike traditional radiant or thermal ovens, convection wall ovens have a fan that continuously circles air through the oven cavity. This enables the food to get cooked more quickly and thoroughly – about 25% faster than thermal ovens.

Guidelines for using convection wall ovens:

  • If you are following a recipe that is designed with a conventional wall oven in mind, all you need to do is lower the temperature of you convection wall oven by 25 degrees.
  • Expect your food to get done faster even when you have set the temperature lower than you would for a conventional oven.
  • Use baking pans with lower sides to get the full effect of the convection oven.
  • You can go ahead and fill every rack in your convection wall oven; all you need to take care of is to keep an eye on the browning of certain dishes that are in there. Depending on your oven, you may have to rotate your pans around for even cooking.
  • Most convection wall ovens let you turn convection on and off. Play around with your oven till you get a good hang of how it works.
  • The fan sometimes blows parchment or foil off. You can use a metal fork or spoon to hold it down if this happens.
  • Another great advantage of the convection wall oven is even cooking. Baking three trays of cookies in a convection oven is simply asking for trouble, but this is possible in your convection wall oven.

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