Add an extra layer of style to your bedroom with designer duvet covers

The top cover of your bed does not just help cover up your bed and keep it clean, it also adds to the decor of your bedroom. You can choose from comforters, quilts, or duvets for your bed. Each of these has their own benefits and are available in abundance in the market.

Duvets and duvet covers
With the onset of winter, you begin to think longingly of soft warm snuggly blankets, quilts, and comforters. Quilts and comforters can add color and style to your room. Duvets are also used as the top layer of bedding. However, duvets are used with duvet covers. Widely used in Europe, these bed toppers are becoming more popular in the US.

Comforters use colorful fashionable fabric as top and bottom layers while the middle is made of a filling, typically synthetic fiber. Comforters are quilted or box stitched to hold the filling in place. Duvets are similar; these include flat bags filled with an insulating material. A duvet is mostly filled with soft down or feathers; however, synthetic materials may also used as a filling.

Luxury bedding
If you like to sleep in decadent comforts, your best choice would be to choose down filled duvets. They are thicker than comforters and typically don’t need to be layered with a blanket underneath. Unlike comforters, duvets come in neutral colors. They are meant to be used with duvet covers.

Buy designer duvet covers
With designer duvet covers, you can add style to your room with the various colors available. If you are thinking of switching the color theme in your bedroom, you don’t need to shop for new quilts or comforters. Just switch the duvet covers, pillowcases, or shams and you are ready to go!

You can also use these designer duvet covers over your comforters. Make sure you buy the right size so that the comforter does not slide around inside. Match your pillow covers or pillow shams to the duvet covers, and you have a beautiful cover set for your bed.

You can shop for designer duvet covers online on websites such as Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales, select the right size, bedding type, brand, designer, etc. Look for sets that come with matching pillow covers and choose the sets that will perfectly match the current theme of your bedroom. Watch out for sales and promotional offers on designer duvet covers to buy more than two sets and save money. You can switch the covers seasonally or when you feel like changing the look of the room.

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