7 popular types of windows you should know

Can you imagine a house without windows? It is impossible to think about a home or any building without windows. They are an essential component of a building, and the ventilation of a home primarily depends on the windows. The quality of indoor air comes down when there is no proper ventilation system and the light control also becomes a complicated process. This is exactly why people are always looking for quality but cheap windows for their homes.

Different types of windows
Window companies have come up with different types of windows; these include fixed, double hung, casement, awning, jalousie, sliding, picture windows, bay windows, hopper windows, and many more. You can choose the most suitable one based on your needs and budget. Here are some of the popular varieties of windows:

  • Fixed windows: When it comes to fixed windows, as the name suggests, they are fixed and cannot be opened. These types of cheap windows are good options for elevated portions of a house, and the area can be illuminated with the light coming through these windows.
  • Double-hung windows: These consist of two windows on top of the other. The bottom window can be slid up, and the top window can be slid down.
  • Casement windows: Casements are vertically hinged, and you can open them in the outward direction.
  • Awning: Awning windows are horizontally hinged, and they balance the light, ventilation, and privacy harmoniously.
  • Jalousie: These are also known as louvers and strips of narrow glasses are arranged parallel before setting in a frame. Clanks are used to operate them.
  • Sliding windows: You can slide these windows from side to side with the help of tracks, and you can clean them with absolute ease.
  • Picture windows: These windows offer an uninterrupted view of the outside area, and they are an excellent option if you have beautiful scenery outside your home.

Leading window companies also offer bay windows and hopper windows to meet the varying needs of different people. All these options improve the appearance and living conditions of your home effectively, and you can choose the most suitable option according to your exclusive needs and budget.

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