7 must-have features in a snowblower

A snowblower is a electromechanical equipment that clears blankets of snow from sidewalks, driveways, and walkways. Shopping for one of these types of equipment can feel tedious and complicated if you are unaware of the different features of a snowblower. Although overall performance features count, the presence of some unique features could be a tiebreaker when comparing the best snowblowers.

Here is a list of some features that should be considered as a paramount while buying snowblowers.

Multiple speeds
Some inexpensive single-stage or two-stage snowblowers only have a single forward speed. Multiple speeds allow you to go faster on inclined surfaces or when there is a light blanket of snow. The feature also prevents the snowblower from clogging in deep snow.

Chute controls
Recent years have witnessed the use of joysticks chute controls on a snowblower that let you change the direction of the discharge chute. Earlier versions had chute controls that were difficult to operate wearing thick gloves. As a result, new snowblowers now come with joysticks that have a more easy-turn crank control.

Wintery days can get gloomy and dark much before the evening, resulting in low-lighting conditions. In such case, headlights on snowblowers are beneficial for safety because they make the operator and the machine visible to the motorists on the driveway.

Electric start
Yanking a snowblower’s cord in sub-zero temperatures can be challenging. As a result, most of the gas-powered snowblowers are equipped with an electric plug. This feature prolongs the life of a mechanical pull-cord. However, you will require to start the cord to restart the machine using the pull-cord if you are away from the electric power source.

Easy-turn capability
The easy-turn capability is an essential feature in large snowblowers. Also referred to as freewheel turning, this capability allows the outer wheel to turn faster than the inside wheel enabling sharp and easy turning.

Wide impellers
If you live in areas where it snows more than a foot every day, then you might have to consider buying snowblowers with an extra-wide impeller. Apart from investing in a multispeed option, look for snowblowers that also offer 14-inch impeller (2 inches wider than the traditional impellers).

Airless tires
This is one of the most recently developed features, and it is particularly helpful to clear snow on an unpaved driveway that is riddled with stones, twigs, and other sharp objects.

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