6 ways to revamp your kitchen space

Kitchens, today are increasingly becoming multi-purpose spaces where you don’t just cook, but spend time with your family, read or simply enjoy some quiet. So, it is equally important to decorate them on a regular basis, so that they appear fresh and trendy.

Here are simple design tricks and tips that you can use to change the look of your kitchen. These six ideas are worth implementing, so check them out.

China cabinets
China cabinets are not just great storage spaces but also beautiful buffers that separate the kitchen’s preparation area from the breakfast table or the living room. Go with a full height cabinet that acts as a divider and allows you to display your lovely crockery.

Contrasting shades
This trend allows you to keep your kitchen’s shades in contrast so that you can play with the dark and the light hues. If you have milky white or pastel-hued cabinets, then keep your shelves dark mocha or vice versa. This gives a modern yet classy touch to your kitchen.

Adorning your kitchen with copper or bronze accessories like lamps, decorative jugs, etc. makes the space look royal. It adds a sparkle to your neutral-hued kitchen in case you are not too fond of dark shades. Accessories like fridge magnets and photo frames give the kitchen a rustic and homely look.

A pop of color
If your kitchen is white or has a single neutral shade, add a cabinet in contrasting tone like an orange, blue or red. A pop of color makes the kitchen look highly attractive and vibrant at the same time and not too cluttered. This is a great way of making the kitchen look subtle yet artistic.

Fancy flooring
People usually do not put much thought into the flooring since what goes underfoot might not seem very important. But this element can transform your kitchen entirely. Instead of sticking to the average marble or wooden flooring, go for a dramatic pattern or a floor with checkered pattern.

House plants
Bring your kitchen space back to life with succulents and other house plants that add a touch of nature. You can also grow some herbs in small pots in your kitchen so that you can access them whenever you want.

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