5 storage ideas for a small kitchen

It can get difficult for you to organize a tiny kitchen space and store all the essentials efficiently. The good news is, there are many ways in which you can use that small kitchen space to store everything you need to, without the hassle of hunting for each ingredient, for hours at an end.
Here are some smart storage solutions for small apartments and their kitchens.

Leave no space unused
Utilizing the smallest of spaces can make a huge difference to your overall storage game. Rather than leaving the area under the sink empty, you can install shelves or tilt-down drawers. These can hold all the cleaning supplies and garbage bin.

Make use of the vertical space
It has often been observed that the area between the counters and the upper cabinets remains empty. Instead of putting pierced corbels or serving spoons in the drawers where you have to rummage to find them before every meal, you can hang them from a bar attached within that space.

Do not ignore the empty spaces
The space between the corner of your fridge and the wall is considered a useless space but you will be surprised with how much it can hold. One can use it to fit in a thin cabinet that stores all your jars and slim bottles. You can also use the empty side at the end of your cabinets to hang some of those utensils. Simply install a few hooks and rods to do the trick!

Make your island table hollow
Instead of having a box as an island with no storage space, go for an island that is a series of open shelves. This not only makes it look like a great workstation but it is utilitarian as well. This way, your island lets you work on the counter and store numerous essentials below.

Use baskets
Rather than scattering all your cutlery and bottles in drawers, use lovely, woven baskets. These will organize your essentials in a better manner even as they save crucial space.

All in all, the size of your kitchen doesn’t matter. If you know how to use the space creatively, you can actually store whatever you need.

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