5 handy tips to choose the right modular home

For the uninitiated, modular homes are houses are built in a factory-like setting after which they are transported to and assembled on site. They are different from a manufactured or mobile home as they are constructed to remain in one location permanently. There are plenty of manufacturers across the country who build a variety of some of the best types of modular homes as per the customer’s requirement. But, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind before investing and living in these prefabricated homes. Read the following article to know more:

Budget- Modular homes are fairly priced and are comparatively cheaper than onsite-built homes because unlike traditional homes, modular homes are built where quality control and building processes are efficiently streamlined. However, it is important to know your maximum monthly limit for your own sustainability as taxes and insurance of modular homes can add up.

Choose the right floor plan- A floor plan lets you decide the number bedrooms and bathrooms you want thereby helping you determine the initial size of living space. The size of these communal rooms needs to be taken into consideration to be able to make space for storage for supplies, garments etc.

Decide upon additional space– This includes basement, porch, balcony, garage, and attic space. Additional space depends upon your storage and parking needs. Additional construction will incur additional costs but will uplift the appearance of your modular and also help you keep cool in hot summer months. It also secures any sudden future needs for space you may not have envisaged.

Be aware of your neighborhood- It is important to keep in mind that staying consistent with your modular home’s design and décor helps to improve the property value of your neighborhood. If you live in a neighborhood with traditional homes, then Cape Cod style homes might work for you. If your land is positioned on a slope, then a ranch style modular home might suit the neighborhood.

Know the manufacturer- You must do enough research to know about the manufacturer who will be building your modular home. Ask around and read customer reviews online to check the manufacturer’s reputation. A good modular home manufacturer will offer maximum customizations to your modular home and has a good logistics management in place to deal with probable roadblocks or any other problem you may encounter.

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