4 tips before purchasing bathroom faucets

If you’re hitting the market to buy a new faucet for your bathroom, it is imperative to consider some of the factors before you buy one. Some of these factors include the type of bathroom faucets you are looking for, what’s the budget and the make and build quality, size of the faucet depending on your bathroom size, to name a few. Here’s a list of possible aspects that you must keep in mind while choosing faucets.


Be it for an existing one or a complete sink ensemble, make sure that the faucet matches the hole openings of the sink. Single hole faucets come in spout as well as mixing handles, most of the time with a single lever. Widespread mounts come in three different pieces that are larger than other types of faucets. Among the newbies, wall mount ones with freestanding or vessel patterned sinks are popular choices.


New-age protective clear coat with sealers, polished or brushed nickel, oil rubbed or brushed bronze, decorative ceramic, etc. are some of the different types of finishes among hundreds of options. You should coordinate the faucet with your bathroom to give a refined look to your bathroom.


Ozone activated antibacterial faucet is good for killing germs, and if your kids love to play outside, this is a must-have. Touchless bathroom faucets are already much popular with motion activated systems. There is one kind of self-powered motion activated faucet which is a refined one with battery or AC power. For smooth and regular water flow, laminar flow faucets are most appropriate.


Quality should always be of prime importance as you do not want to keep spending on new facets. Not all shiny brass finishing ones denote high quality. You must have an idea what are the things to check beside the finishes and prices. For water conservation, maximum 2.5 gallons each minute flow is required, and not more than that. Many faucets have additional flow rate restrictors. It is not advisable to compromise on the quality for a lower price or shiny finishing.

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