4 cleaning solutions for swimming pools you should know about!

A great asset, swimming pools add a fun element to your home. However, like all good things in life, this one needs some investment and consideration from your end. And one such concern is related to the cleaning of swimming pools.  So help you pick the best sanitation methods for your swimming pool. here’s a list of some of the best cleaning solutions.

  • Suction cleaner
    These cleaners are semi-automatic and are fueled by the pump of the swimming pool and attached to the skimmer box, the suction cleaner slides across swimming pools in a random motion. The filtration mechanism of the pool accumulates the grease and grime, which is eliminated through backwash.
  • Robotic cleaner
    Robotic cleaners are meant for different kinds of swimming pools. This cleaner is a one-man army, containing a motor, filter, and a pump. All three are fueled by a generator of minimum voltage. This robotic cleaner charts out the entire surface of the pool and continues the process of cleaning for a fixed duration. During this cleaning procedure, it also gathers the dirt of the pool and filters the pool water simultaneously.
  • Pressure cleaner
    The principle behind the use of pressure cleaner is the release of pressurized water from the swimming pool filter and the consequent blast to the surface of the pool water. Dirt is gathered by an internal storage of the cleaners as well as the filtration mechanism of the swimming pools. These pressure cleaners have an extra boosting pump.
  • In-floor cleaning
    This cleaning configuration makes use of the nozzles that are incorporated during the installation of the pools. There is no charge of maintenance, and neither is it bothersome. There exists a distinct distribution and pump mechanism. With the help of this system, the debris can be collected and transferred directly to the accumulation point. At this point, the filter of the swimming pool eliminates it.

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