3 tips on picking the right water softener for your home

The procedure through which the hard water is converted into a less damaging one is the water softening. We need to know the issues which became be handled by the best water softener. Basically, any water that carries more than 1 grain/gallon of dissolved minerals is named as hard water, although for daily use, we can call up to 3.5 mineral grains/gallon as soft water. More than 10.5 GPG(grains per gallon) is too hard for household use. It will give some spots, stains even after washing utensils or clothes. It’s not good for plumbing or water appliances like water filters systems, and various other things. What kind of water softener can fulfill your need?

Let’s check out.


It’s rather imperative to choose the best water softener that has been certified by NSF/ANSI 44, which is the certificate for its efficiency. There are various kinds of water softeners. For example, the salt-based ion exchange discards maximum mineral residue and which operates by cycling water through two tanks, one with brine, one with particular resin beads. Another type is salt-free softener that uses potassium chloride salt, and it’s useful for those who hate extreme salt intake. Magnetic one alters electromagnetic features, mainly of calcium carbonate particles

Usually, not the physical size but the capacity is calculated by the number of hardness grains one softener can remove, which is calculated in GPG of water. The size is measured in terms of family members who will use this regularly, by multiplying the number of persons with 75 and later multiplying that result with the number of GPG of hard minerals of that water.

Control and features

Maximum water softeners have automatic functions for controlling fundamental regeneration cycles as well as water quantity. However, adjustable control is also there with timer control where electronic timer regulates the cycles. There’s another water softener that features demand-initiated regeneration process. It regulates the need of recharging the resin bed and determines the probable time of the need. An electronic sensor calculates the water usage, and by controlling the regeneration process from time to time, it saves water and salt from unnecessary wastage. Domestic used where large quantities of water are needed; this smart water softener is quite helpful.

Buy a water softener that can fulfill your specific requirements and budgets.

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