3 things to know about Casper mattress sale on Sears

Casper mattress is the most innovate and an award-winning company in 2017. These mattresses create a sleep surface that provides a reduction in bounce and air circulation. Sears, a department store chain in the United States has a store in Texas only for mattresses and appliances. If you want to buy Casper mattresses, here are a few things to know:

Layers of foam
Casper is an anti-foam mattress made with four different layers of foam: polyfoam, memory foam, support foam and support poly foam respectively. Foam layers help to avoid heat retention issues gives the bouncy feeling and acts as the foundation base for the mattress. The foams used are not toxic or harmful chemicals are not used for its construction. Sears mattress sale gives wide discounts on firm and soft models of quality mattresses.

Casper mattress has three major design iterations incorporated in queen Casper mattresses like First Casper design, Second Casper design, and Third Casper design respectively. It comes with a zipper making it easy to clean and wash. Sears mattress sale gives an option to choose mattresses in a range of sizes like queen and king mattresses, full mattresses, twin mattresses, etc. Casper mattress offers good support for a metal bed frame or a box spring.

Casper mattress sale at Sears
Since a lot of customers preferred discounts, Sears’s mattress sale offers coupons and instant savings twice a year. Sears mattress sale helps customers to haggle for the discounted prices, and a raw deal will make the customers satisfied at lower prices.

Sears mattress sale provides an opportunity to research and compare different mattresses when shopping as opposed to the ones in showrooms. Casper offers a 10-year warranty on mattresses, and it is only liable for the original purchaser. It provides 100-day trial and exchange facility is available on all mattresses. Sears mattress sales are held on specific occasions like Fourth of July, Labour Day or other holidays to attract customers.

Sears mattress sale also offers a warranty that includes manufacturing defects like sagging etc. which decreases over time. A bedtime moment in the Casper mattress provides the utmost relaxation.

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