3 popular brands manufacturing cordless power tools

Contrary to popular notions, power tools like a rotary sander, circular saw, or jigsaw aren’t only meant to be used by carpenters. In fact, DIYers who love making their own furniture or other DIY decor love power tools like these. Moreover, even if you aren’t an ardent DIYer, you’ll definitely some of these power tools in your house for small tasks like hanging a picture to difficult ones like making a table. These power tools are quite handy as it performs a variety of tasks with great ease.

Earlier, power tools had to be plugged in, and you could easily trip over the tangle of wires and you would have to avert your mission of making something like a new vase stand. So, to prevent such mishaps from occurring and to ensure that you are comfortable using these power tools, the popular power tools manufacturers have come up with cordless power tools.

If you wish to buy some of the best power tools for your DIYing, here are some of the best cordless power tool brands to choose from.

Established in the year 1927, DEWALT® is considered to be one of the best power tools manufacturers in the world. It offers a wide range of amazing cordless power tools, accessories, hand tools, and more. The cordless power tools from DEWALT® are synonymous with efficiency, durability, sturdiness, and reliability. The brand’s five major lines of cordless tools include the DEWALT® 60V Max and 120V Max, 20V Max, 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment, 8V MAX-14.4V, and 18V cordless tools. Each of these lineups presents several different tools that can be used for different purposes.

Bosch is another popular tool manufacturer that is known to make sturdy power tools. Established in the year 1886, Bosch has become a globally operating company. Cordless power tools from Bosch are a hit with DIY enthusiasts, homebuilders, woodworkers, and others who need high-quality tools for their work. The power tools from Bosch are well-made, very sturdy, and are highly reliable. The 12-volt and 18-volt lineups are considered to be the perfect cordless power tool selections.

Founded in the year 1924, Milwaukee tools are a favorite among professional users and DIYers worldwide. This brand offers a wide range of power tools, hand tools, and equipment, and their cordless power tools are what brought them into the limelight. In fact, Milwaukee was the first tool-making manufacturer that made use of the lithium-ion battery technology in cordless tools. Milwaukee offers several different cordless power tool models that are categorized into four main battery systems—M4, M12, M18, and M24.

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