Zyrtec: Uses, side effects, and availability

Typically, people with allergies tend to complain about colds, coughs, watery eyes, sneezing and so on. Zyrtec is an allergy medicine that is prescribed for allergies and its related symptoms.

Uses of Zyrtec
Zyrtec is a drug that treats allergies caused by histamine. The two main components of Zyrtec are cetirizine hydrochloride and ephedrine.

  • Histamine which induces the allergy symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, watery and runny eyes, and itching can be controlled using Zyrtec.
  • Zyrtec is known to work effectively against all symptoms of a cold.
  • In many cases, hives, also called urticaria, can be effectively treated using Zyrtec.

Whatever be your reason for using Zyrtec, remember to have it in the right dosages as mentioned on the bottle or as prescribed by your doctor.

Side effects of Zyrtec
Zyrtec is an over-the-counter medication and hence can be bought easily from pharmacies and online as well. In fact, Zyrtec printable coupons can even help you save some money. However, you should be aware of the side effects it may cause.

  • Many people who take Zyrtec complain of drowsiness, stomach pain, tiredness and dryness in the mouth.
  • Some of the more serious side effects include difficulty in urinating and weakness.
  • This drug does not cause a severe drug reaction, but if you notice rashes, severe breathing trouble, dizziness and so on, you must seek immediate medical help.

How to save money while buying Zyrtec

  • Go online: Visit online websites and check their authenticity. Browse through the website to check the validity of the coupons available and download the Zyrtec printable coupons.
  • Browse through pharmacy websites: Check the online pharmacy websites to find Zyrtec printable coupons which can be used to lower your cost.
  • Sign up for newsletters: As a member of the company, they will provide you with online deals including Zyrtec printable coupons, which can quickly add up to your savings.

Knowing the benefits and side effects of Zyrtec will let you decide whether you wish to use it or not.

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