Your lumbar spine might be the reason for your lower back pain

Importance of lower back and what might be the reason for lower back pain

Your lower back is a crucial part of your body. It is responsible for movements such as bending and twisting and supports the entire weight of the upper body. A pain in the lower part of your back could have happened due to a ligament tear, or due to some injury and your Lumbar Spine might actually be the reason for it.

What is lumbar spine?

The lumbar spine is a complex and well-structured part of your body which is made of interconnecting bones, ligaments, nerves, and muscles.
It is located lower part of your back and is known to provide strength and support to your body.

Types of back pain

Back pain is of two major types. One is called mechanical pain and the other is called Radicular Pain.
Mechanical pain is a type of pain where the person suffers from severe pain in their Lumbar Spine.
On the other hand, Radicular Pain is a type of pain which is related to their spinal nerve root.
So, when can one be sure that they are suffering from lower back pain?

So, if you are suffering from pain in your lower back, numbness in your feet, difficulty in walking or doing any movement, then you are said to be suffering from lower back pain for which you need to book an appointment with a doctor immediately.

What to do when one has severe back pain in the Lumbar Spine?

In the case of severe back pain in the Lumbar Spine, a Lumbar Spinal Fusion would be recommended which will heal your bone and make it into a single solid bone.
In this surgical process, the stretching of nerves along with motion between the vertebrae is eliminated.
The patient might experience pain after the surgery which is entirely normal, and with the help of proper medication, the pain would soon go away. Lumbar Spinal Fusion surgery is known to be the best method to overcome and reduce severe back pain in the Lumbar Spine.

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