Workouts one should try for joint pain relief

Joint pain is usually caused when there are wear and tear of the joints that connect the bones, tissue, and muscles. It can also be caused by injuries. For someone who is looking for joint pain relief, he or she must find the right balance between rest, exercise, diet, and medication when required. Joint pain treatment with the help of exercise is a great option for joint pain relief. Let us take a look at these.

Start with the warm up
Before you start any kind of exercise, you need to indulge in proper warm up. This is all the more important for patients suffering from joint pain because it gives some gradual lubrication to the muscles and helps in avoiding sudden jerks and pressure on the joints.

Swim regularly
Swimming is one of the most relaxing exercises even as it actively builds your muscle tone and strength so that you do not suffer from constant aches and pains in the joints. The water density helps in building this strength even as the therapeutic water works wonders for joint pain relief, in general. You should ideally spend at least an hour in the swimming pool on a daily basis to see an instant difference.

Don’t miss the cardio
Some amount of cardio which works up the heart rate can be great for a joint pain treatment. You could try walking or even jogging for best results. Patients suffering from joint pain are also asked to try out biking, although this also depends on the severity of the pain and the area which has been affected.

Include upper and lower body exercises
Stretches and squats are good for joint pain relief, while other kinds of exercises for the upper body like sit ups and twists can also help in joint pain treatment. You should try and mix it up so that you build strength uniformly in the body without putting pressure on a particular or the damaged joint.

When you exercise, you will need to ensure that you drink plenty of water. Also, make sure you have a good diet planned for both pre- and post-workout sessions.

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