When should one opt for male enhancement surgery

In this day and age, many surgeons perform male enhancement surgeries for cosmetic purposes. But there is also a view that such surgeries must only be conducted to treat medical problems such as erectile dysfunction.

The need for male enhancement surgery
Men with severe erectile dysfunction can improve the condition with the help of surgery. However, surgery for penis enlargement for purely cosmetic reasons can be a bit controversial.

Here are some finer points –

  • Cosmetic male enhancement surgeries are legal. With surgery, men can increase the girth of their penis and to some extent even the length. If you want to undergo the same and have the money for the surgery, it is not impossible to find licensed cosmetic doctors to perform the surgery.
  • In medical terms, a penis is considered small only when shorter than 3 inches when erect. If you think the size of your penis is adversely affecting your sexual life, you can consult a doctor about surgical options.
  • If your sexual health is affected because of other medical reasons, surgery won’t help the matter. Excess weight and heart problems can affect sexual performance. Your doctor can recommend safe non-surgical ways to improve your health and ultimately treat any sexual dysfunction.
  • There are different types of male enhancement surgeries. Side effects, complications, costs and recovery time for each may differ. Recovery time for fat transfer surgery is one day. For this, fat from one part of a body is taken and placed around the penis. Other operations such as the ligament release can be more complicated to do. It requires releasing the penis ligaments and putting weights on the penis. Another surgical process uses tissues to increases penis width. If done well, chances of infections or hormonal problems from these surgeries are minimal.
  • Even though popular, male enhancement surgeries may still not be entirely safe. For instance, with fat transfer, there is a risk of fat getting reabsorbed in the body and making the penis look curvy.

Talk to your doctor about best male enhancement treatment for you. Your doctor can recommend the best male enhancement procedure as per your health needs.

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