When dealing with a kidney infection

A renal infection may occur in one or both the kidneys due to the entrance of bacteria in the tract leading up to the same. This may cause a range of symptoms and problems for the patient. Timely diagnosis and treatment can help in treating the issue so that one is properly cured of kidney infection. Here are a few methods for diagnosis and treatment of renal infections.

Check the symptoms: Before setting out to do any tests, the doctor will examine your symptoms. These include pain the groin and abdomen region. Sometimes, this pain spread towards your lower back as well. Also, the doctor will check for fever and chills which may have been caused by unexplained factors. This kind of fever will usually be persistent and not easily cured by prescription medications.

Urine tests: Once the symptoms have been confirmed, the doctor will ask for urine samples. This sample will be checked for any discolouration as well as remnants which may point at the existence of kidney stones. And one will need to dissolve kidney stones before it gets too late. Further, the doctor will check for a cloudy quality in your urine and identify any blood discharge in the same. The urine culture will check for the existence of any bacteria and virus or any other microorganism which may have caused the kidney infection.

Ultrasound and other methods: The doctor may also use an ultrasound, CT scan and X-ray, all of which will be conducted when the bladder is full.

Treatment: The main form of treatment for kidney infection will revolve around the use of antibiotics and other anti-inflammatory medications to bring down the fever. Also, hospitalization may be required in case the antibiotics do not begin to show visible results with 24 hours, or if the patient is beyond 65 years of age.

One should learn to recognize the symptoms and earliest signs of kidney infection so that the same may be treated promptly before the kidney stones begin to set in.

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