What you should know about partial seizures

It is necessary to be aware of the causes and symptoms of partial seizures and what happens when one suffers from them. A partial seizure is a kind of seizure related to epilepsy. Also known as focal seizures, they impinge on one portion of the brain. These seizures normally last only for a couple of minutes.

Partial seizures: Symptoms
Although the partial seizures symptoms are quite understated, a second person can identify the symptoms when external indications are experienced by the victim. The most tell-tale indications that are external in nature include

  • Issues with speaking
  • Jerking or even spasms of one single part of the body mostly a leg or an arm
  • Crying or laughing without any reason
  • Emotional changes without any kind of triggers

Partial seizures symptoms noticed and experienced only by the victim include

  • Goosebumps
  • Experiencing light flashes
  • Distorted visions
  • Dizziness
  • Experiencing an unusual odor
  • Tingling feeling in the legs and arms
  • Sudden feeling of happiness or fear for no apparent reason

Partial seizures treatments
If you happen to be along with a victim experiencing a partial seizure, given below are two simple steps that need to be taken to help the victim.

  • Find some place where the victim can sit or lie down
  • If the victim experiencing a partial seizure is aware of the situation and can speak, enquire what help they require at the moment

Partial seizures treatment include

  • Specific brain surgeries that dependĀ on the severity of the case
  • Treatment with the aid of devices that make use of low levels of electric current
  • Medications that are anti-seizure in nature.

One needs to be aware that the illness can be managed and treated with the right medical advice and medications. However, ensure that you follow up with the doctor and work along with the treatment prescribed to manage this issue effortlessly.

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