What you should avoid when you have a runny nose

A runny nose is the result of mucus being discharged from the nasal cavity. It is one of the many symptoms of seasonal allergies, flu or a cold. A runny nose makes it difficult to carry out everyday activities, as it makes becomes difficult to breathe and the nasal cavity requires constant cleaning. A runny nose can also cause headaches, changes in body temperature and make you feel tired and irritable.

It is best to treat a runny nose as quickly as possible. However, there are a few things that can make runny nose remedies ineffective.

Don’t do this when you have a runny nose

  • Deprive your body of fluids: Intake of fluids is one the most effective runny nose remedies that should not be ignored. Fluid intake such as water, juices and hot soups can help you feel better.
  • Not taking rest: Resting to help your body recover is also very important. Rest is seen to expedite recovery. So not resting enough would prolong your recovery time.
  • Excessive physical exercises: Stressing and straining your body during an illness is a bad idea. It will not only make you feel weaker and tired but can also prolong your illness. With a runny nose and difficulty in breathing, it sure doesn’t make sense to strain yourself further.
  • Waiting too long to start treatment: Being sick for a few weeks and not taking medication is not a good way to take care of yourself. A runny nose remedy such as steam or nasal spray should be started as soon as possible. Over the counter medications or those prescribed by a physician would provide relief from the discomfort.

The biggest no-no when you have a runny nose is to ignore it and not treat it at the right time. To lead a normal healthy life, you need to treat ailments as soon as possible. A runny nose remedy can sometimes be quite easy and simple such as steam that can be done at home. The use of nasal sprays and drinking ginger tea could also be beneficial. Take care of the condition before it gets worsens, as the longer you delay, the longer will be the recovery time.

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