What to do when your parents need assisted living

If you have seen the signs of decline in your parent’s health and think your parent needs to try assisted living, then you require some planning before making a final decision. It might not be an easy process in either case if your parents are used to staying with you or stay independent. Involving your parents in the process is essential as it will help them sail through the changes and accept the specialized services with ease. Here is what you should do before making the big change.

  • Take a tour – There are many long-term care options available which will allow your parents to remain independent within a safe setting, however, it’s crucial that you check them out with your parents. This will help you decide from the options, you also get to interact with the residents and have a fair idea about the facilities they get. You may also get connected to a senior living advisor for the same. Once you have done the tour, discuss the pros and cons with your parents.
  • Check your finances – You never know how long your parents might need to stay at the assisted living facility, so make sure to select one which is in your budget. But choose the assisted living facility that is competent enough to help your parent, so don’t make a mediocre pick under any circumstances as it might affect you and your parents adversely in the long run.
  • Make the move – If you’ve come this far in the process, there’s no sense in delaying the move. Moving can be an overwhelming experience for anyone, but especially for seniors who are downsizing and possibly making some tough decisions about the belongings coming with them. So help them prioritize and ensure to be involved in their life as much as you can.

Living away from the comfort of the home might be challenging for your parents the most, hence always involve them as much as you can, while making the moving checklist.

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