What to do before renting a senior housing apartment

Senior housing is for those people who are willing to spend their retirement years in a community with other retirees. But there are some things you need to know before making this decision.

Take into consideration that you will have to deal with some legal issues before living in a senior housing facility. Understanding these legal issues will give you a better understanding of what to expect from senior housing.

So, what is senior housing? It is a program that allows the elderly to live in an apartment or house with other retirees and people their age. Sadly, seniors are commonly abandoned or discriminated by their own relatives for reasons such as illness, dementia, aging disabilities, etc.But at a senior housing facility, they are medically assisted and given everything they need.

The following bullet points are some requirements a senior must meet to be part of a senior housing community:

  1. Candidates and occupants must be 62 years or older.
  2. For exceptional cases, the minimum age is 55 years.

Since senior housing is a governmental program, the plan is exclusive for retirees and people not younger than 55.

Sometimes it’s difficult to rent an apartment or house based on familial status. This case can also occur when the senior housing applicant has no minor-age children. In addition to this, some landlords can opt not to rent the apartment or house to people with children.

Senior housing and assisted living are two different things. An assisted living community can be classified as a senior housing, but the latter doesn’t count on special services to assist people, whether totally disabled or not, with health issues. According to a law amendment in 1995, senior housing companies are not obligated to provide services to disabled applicants. So, if you are looking for an enterprise that offers special services, make your query before proceeding to rent it. Also, e sure to check out the accommodation, and be very detail-oriented when doing this, because you have to look for a place that fulfills the disabled person’s needs.

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