What is a Stair Lift?

A stair lift (also chair lift) is a motorized device used to carry people up and down a staircase. It enables people with limited mobility to use the stairs with ease.

The device consists of a chair, backrest, two armrests and a footrest. It is either operated by battery or electricity. A track or rail is installed at the side of the staircase to move the chair up and down. To move the chair, a simple switch is used. It can also be operated using a remote control.


There are different types of stair lifts available in the market. A straight chair design is suitable for regular stairs. Curved devices are available for curved or twisted staircases. These are easy to customize as per an individual’s needs and the design of the staircase. Some stair lift designs can also be used for outdoor areas. Platform stair lifts are available to transport heavy objects like a wheelchair.


People of any age can use the device to make climbing the stairs easier or possible for them. Anyone with limited mobility due to an illness or an injury can use this mechanical device easily.

Its use is not limited to homes. Several hospitals now prefer to install stair lifts to make visits for their elderly patients convenient. For medical facilities with limited elevator access for all floors, these chairs can be particularly useful to install.

Some stair lift companies also offer installations for short-term durations. This can be particularly useful for those who need help climbing stairs while recovering from an injury or illness.


Stair lifts enable a person with mobility challenges to using the stairs without anyone’s help. For instance, those who live independently at homes but need some assistance for walking or moving can use stair lifts easily and safely.

It allows people with mobility issues access to their entire home. There is no need to limit oneself to just the ground floor or not to use the terrace anymore.

Stair lifts are designed for convenience and fit most staircases. These are easy to use and install. Also, you can buy one matching your home’s décor.

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