What causes kidney infections?

A kidney infection leads to symptoms like pain in the abdomen and lower back region, as well as discolouration and cloudy appearance of the urine. Many reasons may cause a kidney infection and kidney stones, which should be dissolved with a timely diagnosis. Here are some of the causes of kidney infections.

Hygiene matters: A kidney infection is most commonly caused due to lack of toilet hygiene. When one does not use a clean bathroom or sits down on a dirty toilet seat in a public rest room, there are chances of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or a kidney infection. Therefore, one should not sit directly on a toilet seat in a public restroom. Women are more susceptible to this kind of infection than men.

Kidney stones: When the excess minerals and toxins do not get flushed out properly in the form of urine, due to the malfunction of one or both the kidneys, these tend to line the kidneys in the form of stones. Individuals who suffer from kidney stones are also susceptible when it comes to kidney infection, and they should be diagnosed on time to dissolve kidney stones with medication rather than surgery.

Enlarged prostate: Men who are suffering from an enlarged prostate will often face problems when it comes to timely and proper urination. In many cases, this may lead to a build of toxins and kidney infection as well.

Weak immunity: This is also a common cause of kidney infections. Individuals who have a poor diet and weak immunity, in general, will face some different types of issues like a kidney infection. This may also be seen mostly during a change in the season.

Sexual intercourse: For many, being sexually active also leads to problems like a kidney infection. This happens if intercourse causes irritation and a burning sensation in the urethra, thus pushing the bacteria further into the kidney and urinary tract where it causes a kidney infection.

One must get timely diagnosis and learn how to recognize the early signs and symptoms of kidney infection so that your doctor can dissolve kidney stones on time.

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