What are the Different Types of Mobility Scooters?

A mobility scooter is a transport aid for people with disabilities or some health problems. It is ideal for those who can use the scooter without any help for getting on and off it or steer it. You need to have some upper arm strength to maneuver the scooter well.

These are battery-powered devices that you can recharge through electric outlets.

Here are the different types of mobility scooters as per their sizes and features.

  • Small electric scooters are ideal for indoor use. These are folding mobility scooters that you can transport anywhere in the boot of your car.
  • Medium scooters offer greater maximum weight capacity and sturdier components. But these are not the best option if you need a folding mobility scooter. You can still buy a folding model in this size, but the dismantling process may not be as easy as with smaller-sized scooters.
  • Large scooters are models that you can use on the road. These come equipped with horn, lights, and indicators. These are not ideal folding mobility scooters due to their big size. But offer great speed range and weight capacity.
  • Pavement models are an ideal choice for you if you need a folding mobility scooter but also require additional features such as lights, horn, and a big seat.
  • Newer models with five wheels offer greater support and control to the user.

Before you buy –

  • When you consider the maximum weight capacity of a scooter, factor in all the things you need to ferry in it. If you use an oxygen mask or would like to use the scooter for running your errands like going to the grocery shop, you may want to buy a model with better weight capacity.
  • But if your primary objective is ease of movement and carrying your scooter everywhere with you, a compact model that you can dismantle and store in the boot of your car would be an ideal choice for you.
  • Consider monetary factors also as not all insurance plans cover the cost of mobility aids.

Electric scooters are excellent mobility aids. But make sure to buy the right model.

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