Ways to stop herpes from spreading

Herpes skin infection is highly contagious, and its sores take some time to heal. However, many couples have been living healthy lives without transmitting their herpes infection. Some may simply avoid sexual intercourse while others take certain precautions while they do engage in the same. Nevertheless, you should know how to take care and avoid spreading it someone else.

For partners: It can be helpful if you use a lubricant during sexual intercourse. Try to avoid sexual intercourse when you have a herpes outbreak and even if you do, use as much protection as you can. Always keep your partner informed about your problem, so you do not expose them to the same infection.

Don’t aggravate the sores: Avoid having direct contact with these sores. The sores in the genital areas are the most infectious whereas the ones on the hips or the back are equally contagious. Wait for your sores to heal and fall off. Do not touch the herpes sores because they can spread infections to other parts of your body.

Avoid contact with children: If you’re a mother and have herpes, you avoid as much physical contact as possible so that the infection doesn’t affect your little ones.

Maintain personal hygiene: Avoid situations or activities that might cause you to sweat a lot since you can spread the infection further by wiping off the sweat. Even your sores tend to get worse if they are kept damp. Wear loose, cotton clothes and keep your sores covered. If you’ve touched your sore by any chance, wash your hands immediately before you touch any other part of your body. Always use a hand sanitizer. Do not wet your contact lenses with spit as this could cause oral herpes to spread to your eyes.

People who are infected with herpes are twice as prone to getting the HIV infection as compared to an individual who does have the same. And the people, who have both the infections, are highly likely to pass it onto their partners or even pass it to their children at times. So, try and prevent spreading this health disease as much as possible.

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