Various resources and support for lung cancer patients

Lungs are an essential part of the human body as without lungs we cannot breathe and live. The growth of malignant tumor in the lungs causes cancer, which can be fatal. There are an expected 609,640 deaths that could occur due to lung cancer in the country in 2018.

Risk factors related to lungs cancer
While smoking tobacco is the primary cause of lung cancer, there are the other risk factors present in the American society causing premature deaths which include,

  • Exposure to harmful environments involving radon and asbestos
  • Air pollution
  • Existence of arsenic in water
  • Medical history of the family
  • Vitamin or dietary supplements

Helping patients out
Lung cancer can cause several challenges as people often run out of resources for the treatment of the same. The lung cancer resource can be of various kinds that include,

  • Financial Support
    As this expensive treatment can take a toll on financial condition of the family, various organizations help people out with medical insurance, coverage issues, and billing.
  • Emotional Help
    The patient and his/her family can be in need of emotional support which is included in the resources for lung cancer. Through counseling, support groups and patient-centered care approach can boost the mental strength of these people.
  • Hospice services
    You can visit the official website of National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization to get a suitable hospice care force if you are a victim of this chronic disease.
  • Home health care
    The lung cancer support may often be needed for the patients discharged from the hospitals but are still in need of excellent quality of care.

Support provided by the Hospitals
Every medical organization solely focuses on providing the best care, and the care includes various resources for lung cancer. The list of the hospitals in the country providing support to the lung cancer  sufferer include,

  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Jefferson University Hospitals
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Indiana University Health
  • UH Seidman Cancer Center

Over the last two decades, the rate of death due to lung cancer has decreased. With regular checkups and undertaking a proper healthy diet, one can get rid of lung cancer at the earliest.

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