Useful products for bowel incontinence

Incontinence is a term that is ever mentioned outside the urology clinic. If you are suffering from incontinence, you are not alone. It is estimated that more than 3 million people suffer from incontinence within the United States of America. Now that there is a multitude of options for incontinence problems, there is nothing to worry. Before knowing about the bowel incontinence products available in today’s market, it is essential to know what bowel incontinence is. It is simply the involuntary loss of urine or bowel motion. Before buying incontinence products, it is important to understand the different types that are available and the one you would want to use.

  • Pads for incontinence: This is one of the easiest, inexpensive and simple solution to bowel incontinence problems. They come in various shapes and sizes, and it is essential to choose the right one. While some pads are suitable for small leaks, some are used for more chronic incontinence problems. While rectangular pads are the most preferred ones, shaped pads are suitable for heavy incontinence issues. Pull up incontinence pants are also available in today’s market.
  • Bedding and furniture protection for bowel incontinence: During the nights it is challenging to control incontinence, not to mention the process of cleaning and eliminating odor. This is where bedding and furniture protection from bowel incontinence problem comes into play. Waterproof bedding is an ideal choice. Bowel incontinence products like reusable chairs and pads are also available today.
  • Cleansing wipes: Cleaning can be a real pain if you suffer from severe incontinence problems. However, there are certain cleansing essentials that you can keep with you. Wipes are the first on the list. Cleaners that rub gently into your skin is suggested as incontinence can cause rashes in your private parts.

When you are looking for bowel incontinence products, you need to have a clear idea of exactly what you need. Ensure that the purchased product provides full protection.

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