Types of knee surgery that you need to know about

The knee is a major joint, the flexibility of which is vital for several daily living activities. It is also a weight-bearing joint that can quickly develop wear and tear as we age and owing to many other factors such as injuries and obesity. Arthritic knee pain can be a debilitating condition especially in the elderly, and knee replacement is among the last interventional options. However, many types of knee surgery are performed to treat other knee related issues. Here is a list of some types of knee surgery.

Arthroscopic meniscectomy is done to trim any tears in the meniscus, that is a portion of the cartilage surrounding the knee joint.

For more advanced meniscal injuries where damage to the meniscus is extensive, surgeons may advise a meniscal repair surgery. However, the procedure is a longer one entailing greater recovery times.

A dislocated knee joint can be a painful condition that causes the kneecap to move outside its groove. A lateral release knee surgery may be indicated counter the straining ligaments in such a state. A tear in the anterior cruciate ligament may cause sudden buckling, and this needs to be remedied through an ACL tear reconstructive knee surgery.

A microfracture knee surgery is a surgical intervention for cartilage damage.

The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the essential ligaments that lends structure and stability to the knee and is especially significant in the performance of all weight-bearing activities.

For some types of arthritis, orthopedics may recommend a partial knee replacement surgery in cases where only the entirely worn out portions of the joint is replaced. However, in cases of long-term and chronic arthritis-related knee damage, a full knee replacement surgery, especially in those above the age of 65 is considered a viable procedure and can considerably increase the quality of life in the elderly. The affected joint itself is entirely removed and an artificial joint constructed of a plastic, and metal synthesis is implanted.

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