Types of contact lenses – Which is best suited for you

In 1960’s when the first concept of contact lenses was introduced, there were hardly few varieties just to fit the general eye problems. Now, after almost six decades, there is a broad range of lenses out are available in the market for every kind of need. Be it bifocal or multifocal or lenses for special occasions, you get one that fulfills your need.

Type of lens depending upon the frequency of usage

Different types of lenses which are made keeping in mind their time duration of usage are as follows –

  • Monthly Disposable Lenses: These lenses are the most popular lenses, and they are very comfortable for a day long use for one month. You need to take them off at night and clean with the disinfectant solution which is mandatory.
  • Weekly disposable lenses: Weeklies are also reusable ones who have to be disinfected every time you take them off, and you must not wear them at night.
  • Daily disposable lenses: Dailies are for one single day use lenses. It is the perfect glasses for those people whose eyes are very sensitive, and they are prone to getting bacterial infections. They must change lenses every day and thus use this type of contact lenses.
  • Lenses for Extended or continuous use: Extended wear lenses are right for them who cannot take their glasses off at night, and these extended ones can be worn for more than a week on a continuous basis.

Lens for specific problems of vision

  • Toric or Astigmatism: Toric lenses are suitable for the people suffering from these visions related problems. They are made with different powers for each of the eyes as per the condition.
  • Dry eyes/itchy eyes: You need to wear the contact lenses which permit oxygen to enter, and there is a high level of water or moisture lock technique.
  • Multifocal or Bifocal: People with two different powers in their two eyes, need to go for these lenses for a better vision and life.

While choosing the suitable contact lenses, a couple of things you need to keep in mind are – the duration you are going to use them for and the eye problem you are dealing with. So, make the best choice and keep your eyes healthy!

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