Two best cell phones suitable for senior citizens

In this modern and technologically enhanced world, the older adults may prefer to stay away from multi-touch gestures, app marketplaces or social media and feel more comfortable with just bells and whistles. It was not long before that cell phones were nothing more than mobile phones which were only used for making calls. These mobile phones are still helpful for those who only need to contact people urgently or for reaching out during an emergency. There a number of cell phones that provide large buttons, emergency dialing features and easy speed dial, especially for senior citizens. Here are two models that are among the best for them:

GreatCall Jitterbug5

The huge marketing push has made GreatCall Jitterbug5 arguably the most popular cell phone geared towards old people. It is priced at just $74.99 on Amazon, available in blue or red colors. It is a flip phone with large buttons and on-screen texts. It makes navigation very easy for those who have poor vision. In addition to its calling and texting features, this device also gives access to 5Star medical service if needed. According to reviews, it has loud and clear sound helpful for those with hearing issues.

Emporia Essence Plus

Do you want to give the senior most member in the family an easy-to-use cell phone? This Emporia Essence Plus will fit the bill. This phone has gigantic buttons and large on-screen texts. It’s not a flip phone so it’s effortlessly easy to handle, plus it comes with its own dock just like a cordless landline phone. Once you are done using it, you can just place it back on the dock to charge, this will never let the phone die of low battery. The phone has a very loud ringer and up to five slots for speed dial. It is priced at $39.99 and works with GSM carriers.

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