Travel tips for people with HIV AIDS

There is no reason why people with HIV/AIDS cannot enjoy traveling. However, depending on your condition and international travel formalities, you may need to adjust or change your plans.

Here are some tips to consider before you make any travel plans.

Research: If you plan to take an international trip, you may need to consider the laws of your destination country about your HIV/AIDS status and medicines. Many countries do not allow entry of people with HIV into their territories. Also, many governments may have restrictions about you entering their country with any particular medicine.

Consult with your Doctor: Before you make any domestic or international travel plans, talk to your doctor about any special precautions you might need to take to a particular destination. Depending on your present condition and the intended destination, your doctor may suggest new medication dosage or even veto your plans. For instance, when traveling from east to west or vice versa, you may need to adjust the time of your dose depending on the new time zone.

Your doctor can also recommend healthcare facilities in your destination if you may require any urgent treatment. This is especially vital if your itinerary includes any international destination.

Pack Well: Pack your medicines in your carry-on luggage in case of any flight delays or if you lose your luggage during transit. Also, carry some food with you during the flight. Find out beforehand the legal ways to carry your needles (if you need them for medicines) across international borders. Pack them accordingly.

Plan Better: Keep a list of doctors and good medical facilities handy in case you need them. Keep drinking enough water to prevent dehydration. Book your place of stay that offers good amenities.

Be Careful: Avoid heavy and spicy food during your travels. Refrain from eating street food and drinking tap water as your immune system is already weak and contaminated food and water can worsen your condition.

With some careful considerations, you can enjoy traveling even with HIV/AIDS. However, it is best to plan short trips first. But don’t go against the recommendations of your doctor.

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