Top three trigger finger splints available in the market

Trigger finger is a condition characterized by the fact that the tendons near the finger joints are unable to handle the stress that falls on them while bending. Thus, they get stuck in the bent position and are unable to become straight again, unless forced to by the other hand.

The most common symptoms of the problem include a sharp pain in the finger and swelling at its base. Fortunately, the condition can be controlled by putting a splint around the finger. The splint does not hinder the person in day to day activities, while providing the extra support that the finger needs.

Some of the best trigger finger splints available in the market include –

Trigger finger splint by Vive: This splint uses an aluminum splint covered with comfortable fabric. It is extremely effective in relieving pain and preventing the locking of fingers, especially the ring finger and little finger. It costs approximately $18, and can be purchased on Amazon.

Oval-8 finger trigger finger splint: The oval-8 finger splint is manufactured by 3-point products. It is ideal for people suffering from trigger thumb. The best feature about this splint is that it’s waterproof, hence it can be used during cooking and cleaning also. It is available in different colors include nude, which makes it very discreet in appearance and costs around $25.

Professional sports finger splint: Manufactured by Megoday, this splint is ideal for those who suffer from trigger finger while playing sports. It gives support to the fingers and also protects it from injury. However, it cannot be used as a splint for the thumb. This splint can be bought from Amazon for approximately $13 – $14.

There are many other splints that are available in the market, manufactured by different companies. They come in different colors and different sizes. Most of the time, these splints are more that effective in relieving the pain in the finger. However, if they fail to do so, steroid injection or simple surgery can cure the problem.

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