Top signs of toe nail fungus

Toe nail fungus is usually caused when the feet are stuck in closed shoes and they sweat a lot without proper airing. This also happens when one does not maintain good hygiene of the feet and the shoes. Treatment of toe nail fungus is a matter of recognizing the primary cause and taking care of the feet with cleanliness, change of shoes, keeping the feet dry, and a host of other such measures. But before jumping into the remedies for toe nail fungus, it would be worthwhile to understand the symptoms so that one can recognize the same promptly before the infection spreads. Here are the top signs of toe nail fungus, which will help in carrying out effective cure of the same.

Changes in the Appearance of the Nail: The toe nails will undergo some changes in appearance depending on the type of fungus or infection. There are two types of fungal infection. While one causes yellow patches on the toe nails, the other causes white specks, and spots. You should recognize the kind of infection before you choose the treatment method for toe nail fungus.

Skin and Nail Fragment Build Up: Before you embark on toe nail fungus treatment, you should study the area around the nails. If there is a deposit of fragments of skin and nails, then there is infection lurking below the same. The nail surface may also become brittle and powdery as the infection increases. This calls for urgent treatment of toe nail fungus.

Discoloration of the Nail: Apart from the changes in appearance, the nail itself will undergo discoloration. One may suddenly find that the nail is turning grey or yellow, depending on the kind of infection that one may be suffering from. It would be a good idea to examine the same to decide on the treatment for toe nail fungus.

Any changes in the nails or the skin around the same should not be ignored. You would do well to go to the doctor to report such changes along with any pain in the toes and feet, so that treatment for toe nail fungus may start immediately.

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