Top companies offering mobile data plans for seniors

With more senior citizens becoming tech savvy over the last few years, mobile usage and usage of its various services has considerably increased. While their needs and purposes have changed, one still goes around looking for the ideal data plan that matches the preferences of senior citizens.

Several companies believe that older people should not have to shell out a chunk of their savings just to obtain such mobile services. They have thus come up with mobile data plans for seniors, which let seniors have a good connection at efficient costs.

Companies like Republic Wireless and T–Mobile are known to have one of the most cost-efficient data plans. They range from $20 to $30. Republic Wireless has one of the cheapest mobile data plans for seniors costing $20 for 1GB along with unlimited talk time.

Verizon, Cricket Wireless, and Virgin Mobile also have good mobile data plans for seniors. They range from $30 to $40 and provide 3GB to 5GB data. These packs come with unlimited calling and texting benefits. These layer packs are a great deal for senior citizens. They can avail of both services at a decent cost and not give up on their occasional indulgences of social media.

Other well-known companies offering mobile data packs for senior citizens are FreedomPop and Total Wireless. Moreover, Sprint and AT&T provide packs like 1GB for $20 and 4GB for $45 respectively. Straight Talk and MetroPCS offer data packs with unlimited talking and texting add–ons.

All these mobile data plans for seniors are prepaid and monthly. This makes phones more efficient and easily reliable in the case of emergencies.

While scouting for mobile data plans for seniors, one should keep in mind the usage to find the ideal pack. While there might be a need for data and unlimited calling, one should also look for flexibility within the packs. Provisions of healthcare services are a great add on. National carriers’ SIM cards and packs are always better than their regional counterparts as one can save on roaming charges.

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