Top causes of finger nail fungus

As one of the most common diseases that can hit the nails, finger nail fungus is indeed a matter of concern which calls for immediate treatment. But before the actual diagnosis and the treatment of finger nail fungus, one will need to understand the various reasons why such an infection can erupt. So here are the top causes of finger nail fungus.

Common Mold: In order to suggest a proper remedy for finger nail fungus, the doctor will have to find out whether the infection has been caused by a group of fungi or by a type of mold. There are many types of common mold which can cause such an infection, including Neoscytalidium, Scopulariopsis, Aspergillus and others.

Group of Fungi: Another cause that many doctors consider when they are suggesting nail fungus treatment includes a group of Fungi. This group is known as dermatophytes and it includes specimens like Candida which can cause severe discoloration and infection to the finger nails.

Loss of Blood Circulation: Another cause of finger nail fungus includes the loss of blood circulation to the area. This can cause a grey or yellow hue to settle on the nail. Also, depending on the type of infection that you may be suffering from, your nails can either become brittle or begin to show white spots and specks. These changes in the nail’s appearance can help in proper diagnosis and treatment of the finger nail fungus as well.

Excessive Sweating: When a patient suffers from sweaty palms or excessive sweating in general, the nails cannot stay dry. This causes fungal growth and infection in the nails. Therefore, in order to treat nail fungus, one should first carry out treatment for this kind of perspiration issues.

Humid or Moist Environment: When a person constantly works in a moist and humid environment with little ventilation, this may also cause the growth of such fungus in the nails.

Poor hygiene and a family history of fungus in the nails can also cause this kind of finger nail infection. A visit to the doctor and close examination of the symptoms will help in proper diagnosis and treatment of nail fungus.

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