Top 5 questions on diabetic test strips answered

What is a diabetic test strip?

A diabetic test strip is a small plastic strip coated with glucose oxidase that upon reaction with an individual’s blood forms gluconic acid. The gluconic acid is measured by two electric nodes that are embedded in the chip, which produces a signal that is in turn read by the glucose monitor.

Do I require a physician’s prescription to buy diabetic test strips?

No, diabetic test strips are available over the counter and can be easily purchased at any drugstore without a prescription.

How long do diabetic test strips last?

For certain kinds of diabetic patients, doctors may recommend testing as many as four times a day. While most diabetic test strips have a shelf life of one and a half years, from the time you purchase them, they should probably be valid for at least nine months. In any case, do not buy or use diabetic test strips without verifying the date of manufacture and expiry. Plan your purchase of diabetic test strips based on the prescribed frequency of use.

Which diabetic test strips are most recommended?

The following are some of the best selling diabetic test strips commonly purchased in the USA.

Bayer contour next, One Touch test strips, Accucheck, Abbot Precision Xtra Ketone Test strips, etc. of these Bayer has been given the highest ranking for the accuracy of blood glucose monitor satisfaction. Generally, lower-priced diabetic test strips are also ranked lower in efficiency and accuracy in e. So, take the time to read diabetic test strip rankings and reviews before you make your purchase.

Are there any particular instructions with regard to storing the diabetic test strips?

Store the diabetic test strips in the container provided by the manufacturer with the cap well sealed. In general, do not place your diabetic test strip, or for that matter, any other medicines or medical testing supplies next to any heat source or in a place where there is a lot of humidity or exposure to direct sunlight.

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