Top 5 children’s hospitals in the country

When it comes to curing your child’s illness, as parents, the first thought that will come to your mind is taking your little one to the best hospital possible. When local hospitals fail to provide the necessary care and treatment, top children’s hospitals seem to be the safe bet to cure your child. Here is a list of top 5 children’s hospitals in the country that you should know about.

Boston Children’s Hospital: Spending over $30 million annually in the research of various complicated diseases, this hospital holds a record of curing even the most severe gene and heart diseases in children. Excelling in its treatments on Pediatric Nephrology, Orthopedics, and Gastrointestinal surgeries, it is one of the largest pediatric care institutions in the country.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center: This hospital is considered to be one of the best pediatric healthcare and teaching hospitals that provide top quality care to children. It is nationally acknowledged for their research works and treatment success on Nephrology, Cancer, Pulmonology, Neonatology, and Gastroenterology.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Since 1855, this hospital is working towards providing quality care exclusively to the children. Having the urgent care units, surgery centers and the office of the reputed pediatricians under one roof, CHOP has a record of serving over a million of patients a year and offering best treatments to the children who have Cancer, Genetic disorders, Behavioral issues and others.

Texas Children’s Hospital: When it comes to treating children suffering from heart diseases and having a promising record of performing successful heart surgery and cardiology, this hospital is one of the top names in the country. Offering first class intensive neonatal care, Texas Children’s Hospital boasts its record of highest successful transplant performed.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles: Offering its non-profit healthcare services to over 100,000 patients, this teaching hospital is known for its finest child care facility. Exclusively specializing in Pediatric Trauma Care, this hospital deftly handles patients in extremely critical condition. It is also the top and best referral hospital in the entire state of California.

The hospitals mentioned above are known for offering the best treatment to the children, irrespective of what is ailing them.

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