Top 4 Polar heart rate monitors

Polar heart monitors are popular in the market, especially among the elderly, due to their user-friendliness and accuracy. While modern day gadgetry may be difficult to use for the elderly generation, Polar has gone out to make its products very feasible for the not-so-well-versed-in-gadgetry kind, so that they ca also keep steady progress of their health. Four top-selling Polar heart rate monitors are:

  • Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor: Priced at $54.99, this model is best suited for those who want a simple heart rate monitor and do not need the counting of steps. This monitor is accurate and fairly well rated in the market and has the additional features of calories counter that can also help the elderly individual ensure that they are eating healthy. It is easily fitted to a chest strap and is also 30m water resistant.
  • Polar Heart Monitor FT7: Priced at $74.32, this Polar derivative offers round the clock heart rate monitoring along with a body adaptable chest band. This model also is equipped with the smart calorie feature in order to enable the monitoring of calories. Also, there is an additional feature – energy pointer – that helps to analyze the regular activity and determine whether the person is burning fat or improving overall fitness.
  • Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor: Priced at $103, this device has a stylish unisex model equipped with a coded heart rate transmission model that ensures that this device does not interfere with any other cross-talk. The simple display screen for both the calorie intake and the fat burning percentage. Ideal for fitness oriented elderly individuals as it has built in training programs and fitted out with speed and distance sensors for better count of movement.
  • Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor: Priced at $35, this model is the most basic of Polar heart rate monitors that has a simple start button that helps to set a heart rate target and monitors the heart rate with an alarm to sound off in case of any strenuous activity.

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