Top 4 common questions answered on home care

What is care at home?
Care at home for seniors comprises a wide range of assistance from payment of bills, housekeeping, assistance with personal hygiene and grooming, organizing for entertainment to travel support.

How do care at home costs compare with the nursing home or assisted living costs?
As per general statistics, most nursing homes charge upwards of US$ 200 per day for a private room, with semi-private or shared accommodation costing a little less. Assisted living facilities with accommodation, meals and personal care and housekeeping assistance would cost upwards of us$3000 per month. In comparison, for those who are relatively in better health and capable of living independently, they could opt for minimal assistance which costs about US$ 18-20 per hour. Depending on the person’s level of mobility and independence and the kind of care and duration of care required, care at home costs could be significantly lower than opting for nursing home care or assisted living in a senior community.

I am 68 years old and live alone. I am generally in good health but find it very tiring to carry out simple daily chores like housekeeping and laundry. Can I avail of some service that offers care at home services for such ordinary daily activities?

Yes, there are many care at home service providers whom you can contact who will assign you a well-trained home care assistant to help you carry out these normal activities of daily living. You could opt for part-time or full-time care at home assistance.

Who requires care at home?
Care at home is recommended for seniors who live independently or away from their families. Those who normally seek some form of home care assistance include people confined to the bed or depend on a wheelchair for mobility, those who are very weak owing to advancing age, those with dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s and those who are recovering from a stroke or major surgery.

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