Tips to prevent relapse for mild drug addiction

Rehab and addiction programs there are people However, it doesn’t mean that these people do not need help to overcome their addiction, especially before it takes on a more severe form. These people can join a rehab as an outpatient before the malady takes on a serious turn. Therapy and medications will go a long way in helping the addict enrolled in these rehab and addiction programs in continuing their work and keep their personal life going as before, just without the drugs.

The treatment should remain ongoing as it will help you remain sober for a long time. The therapist helps you to focus on being sober; they also help you to identify triggers and weaknesses and how to overcome them. They also provide help to overcome cravings. There are support groups like Narcotics Anonymous that help prevent relapse in people enrolled in these rehab and addiction programs. Once you have decided to become sober, you need to change places, things, people, and friends to stay away from having a relapse.

Following are few tips to prevent a relapse:

  • Do not stop your prescribed medications until the doctor says to do so. Stopping the medications can lead to the emergence of withdrawal symptoms and cravings which may lead to a relapse.
  • Continue with the counseling and the meetings. Drugs have a lasting effect on the brain long after the drug has been out of the system. Stress even for a day can tempt people into going back into the world of addiction. The therapist has a 12-step meeting which alleviates temptations.
  • Any new medication that has been prescribed by a general practitioner needs to be checked by the therapists and doctors if they go well with your drug rehab medications or tell the doctor upfront about your previous addiction.
  • There are non-narcotic pain relievers that are available at the drug store and physicians can treat pain while minimizing the risk of a relapse.
  • Boredom is a common reason for the readjustment for addicts. Keep doing productive activity when adjusting to a new way of life. You can play sports, see movies, go to support meetings, or go to a beach.

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