Tips to manage herpes outbreak

There is no permanent cure for herpes. However, there are many ways to limit its effect on your body. Here are a few tips that can relieve you of the symptoms often caused by this disease.

Stay alert: Don’t touch the sores that are caused by herpes and try to avoid as much sexual contact as you can. Wash your hands frequently, and keep your nails clean no matter what. Also, keep your lesions and sores clean throughout the day and make sure that no one touches them. Do not scratch your sores. Keep them well aired so that they remain dry and do not come in contact with any sweat. During a herpes outbreak, it’s important that you concentrate on healing, and follow what needs to be done for faster recovery.

Try home remedies: You can try popular remedies at home for temporary relief from the pain. You can apply some cornstarch on the sores if it starts to itch or becomes watery. Take a hot water and salt bath that can clean the bacterium present in the affected area. Wear cotton clothing and avoid any material that can cause itching. Your skin needs to be covered, yet it should breathe so that the healing process isn’t hindered. You can also apply products rich in vitamin E and A directly on the sores.

Eat well: There are a few unconventional methods for you to manage herpes outbreak. For example, try supplements like L-lysine that may reduce the amount of time your herpes takes to heal. Choose foods that might be rich in the same. Avoid spicy or citrus rich food that might cause itching. Also, drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.

Relax: Stress is a big no during a herpes outbreak. So, avoid stressing a lot. Try meditation exercises and yoga to manage the stress. To ease swelling in the genital area, you can opt for ingredients like baking soda baths and Epsom salt baths to relieve the pain and the swelling.

You need to treat the herpes outbreak very carefully and take good care of it since the sores are delicate.

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