Tips to manage early signs of brain tumor

Brain tumor is the spread of abnormal cell growth in the brain. Alternate therapies can offer some amount of support in managing the early symptoms of brain tumor. There are various studies and research that have been done to get a permanent solution for the disorder. But in the meanwhile, let us initiate some discussion on nutrition, toxic exposure, and lifestyle factors that can help in managing the symptoms of brain tumor.

The primary means to manage early symptoms of brain tumor are within our control. They are healthy lifestyle changes in diet, exercise, stress reduction. Avoiding carcinogens of the immediate environment can also ease out the effects of the symptoms of brain tumor. Read on to know more about the same.

Sleep well
Sleep is crucial even for a healthy person. It becomes more critical for a cancer patient. It is the time when the body heals itself. There are pathways in the body, which remove the toxic wastes that accumulate during the day. This system which is known as the glymphatic system is more active during nighttime. Deprivation of sleep hinders the natural working of this system.

Consumption of cancer-combating phytonutrients
Conventional cancer treatments are known to have toxic effects on healthy cells and general health. Consuming a diet full of cancer-fighting nutrients is essential to manage the early symptoms of brain tumor to be specific. Vegetables and herbs like dark green leafy vegetables, turmeric, oregano, basil, and thyme have proved to have strong anti-carcinogenic properties.

Manage stress
If you are diagnosed with brain tumor, then the early symptoms can be managed by stress reduction techniques such as meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises. Along with these, inhaling frankincense oil has proved to reduce brain inflammation. The active component present in the oil i.e. boswellic acid improves blood circulation and relieves pain.

Restrict high-calorie intake and take up ketogenic diet
Unlike healthy cells, tumor cells cannot metabolize ketones produced by the body. Ketones are a source of energy for neurons. Consuming a diet rich in proteins, fats, and carbohydrates trigger the production of ketones and hinder the growth of malignant cells. Restricting intake of carcinogenic-inducing diet and consuming more of ketogenic diet can help in manage the early symptoms of brain tumor.

Restrict mobile devices
The radiation emitted from mobile devices and batteries is considered a possible carcinogen by a study conducted on cancer patients by the World Health Organization (WHO). It may not be possible to entirely shut off the use of mobile phones, but few strategies can help like texting instead of talking, using the speakerphones, shutting off the device whenever possible and not sleeping with the device in the room.

Make sure you consult a doctor or a nutritionist before you take up lifestyle and diet changes. Prescribed medicines may also help ward off the effects of the early symptoms of brian tumor.

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