Tips on buying a trampoline

Are you planning to buy a trampoline? Great! A trampoline is not just fun but is also a great machine for health purposes. However, before you buy a trampoline to begin to enjoy all that jumping fun, you need to know about features and aspects and tips on how to go about buying a trampoline.

Trampolines are an enjoyable and healthy method of exercise, but always, one needs to take care of safety first. Everything has a risk factor. So, most professional brands won’t officially allow keeping trampolines at home. However, it is a personal choice that you have for and about them. These are listed below –

  • Make a safety run: Make sure not more than one person can jump at a time, be careful when you make a flip, and a great big ‘NO’ to unsupervised jumps and also jumps from the trampoline onto another surface.
  • Before you buy, consider about the space where you are going to keep the trampoline. The surface beneath of the trampoline should be as soft and flat as possible. Leaving a minimum of 3 feet of clear space around the edges is great, although clear space more is always welcome. The immediate area should not have any hard or rocky objects.
  • Trampolines come in five different shapes, springs, and sizes – round, rectangular, octagonal, oval and square, and range from 6–18 feet in diameter. Always prefer to buy according to the space you have available. Round is the shape most generally practiced on and found in retail markets. Round shapes are designed to hold the jumper safely in the center of the apparatus. Rectangular designs are typically used by the gym centers or athletes. The number of springs decides the trampoline’s bounces. For example, on a 15-foot round trampoline can approximately have 70 to 96 springs. So, the more the number of springs, the more the number of jumps.
  • If your trampoline is placed outside the house, please check the weather before jumping. Gusty winds while doing jumps is a huge NO-NO, and it’s the same with dampness. Moisture will damage the trampoline quickly, in the face it might hurt you while you work on it. The trampoline springs have cushioned coverings. The fabric (Polyethylene or PVC can vary. However, PVC is more weather resistant, durable.

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