Things you should know about electronic medical records

While technology has pretty much touched all quarters of our lives, why should the field of medical science be left far behind? It comes as no surprise that in today’s day and age, one gets to see the use of technology for many medical functions starting from diagnosis of an ailment to the treatment of the same. Technology has also changed the way we store our medical records. We now have electronic medical records that can call up your complex medical charts at the touch of a button. So, what are these electronic medical records? Read on to know more!

Record information
An electronic medical record is a system commonly known as EMR. This system is a software that scans your documents and records the key information in various fields that may be customized as per the doctor, the hospital, the specialization or even the patient. Further, this kind of software can be used by individuals to maintain a database of the medical charts and papers for the entire family. The recording of information happens by data encryption before it is sent to a cloud based source where it is stored for further recall and use.

Track health metrics
With the help of the EMR software and system, the doctors and patients have a foolproof way of organizing medical records so that they may be used to track the progress and further treatment or diagnosis of the patient. With electronic medical records, the doctors can compare and find metrics which may be helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of other ailments as well. For example, if a patient is suffering from any allergies, this will be a key field in the diagnosis and treatment of some other complex condition, accordingly, the doctor may prescribe the correct medication and treatment method.

Set a screening schedule
The overall practice of health care goes through a sea change of improvement with the electronic medical records, as the screening schedules are set and the patient is reminded of the same on a timely basis.

It would be helpful to get a medical record system like this for the whole family. You could also find out if your hospital or clinic already use one that you can also access.

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