Things you need to know about medical alert systems

What is a medical alert system?
A medical alert system is very useful especially for the elderly or the infirm who live independently or even in assisted living communities, but away from their families. Medical alert systems are paramount for those who have a pre-existing health condition that may become acute and require immediate medical attention. Usually, most medical alert systems are in the form of an alarm button placed on a wristband or worn on a necklace as a pendant. In case of an emergency, the person using the medical alert system is required to trigger the button, which will instantly send a radio signal to receiving unit. The receiving unit will, in turn, place an emergency call using your registered mobile number to the emergency services operator.

Why do the elderly need a medical alert system?
The medical alert system is a very useful technological aid that grants senior citizens a certain degree of independence, especially if they wish to live by themselves away from family. The instant triggering of the alarm generates a call to action from the emergency services that will dispatch an ambulance and trained medical personnel to the home, thereby providing urgent medical attention when required. In many cases such as a stroke or a heart attack, the immediacy of response and treatment is vital and this is where medical alert systems are useful.

What is the operational range of a medical alert system?
For the SOS signal to be dispatched to the base unit, the person needs to be at least within a 150 feet radius of the central console.

Are medical alert systems very expensive?
Medical alert systems are available at a variety of price ranges. On an average, depending on the manufacturer and the features provided in the device, most medical alert systems range in cost from between US$30 to US$ 90 per month. Many medical alert system providers may also charge you a onetime setup fee.

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