Things you need to know about diabetes type 1

In this modern days of junk food, lesser activities, and a hectic lifestyle, diabetes is one of the most common problems faced by young and old. Diabetes type 1 is also known as juvenile diabetes and develops mainly in children and young adults. It is mainly caused due to the improper working of the pancreas, which allows our body to use sugar from the food we eat. When the sugar content is not utilized for the daily activities, the glucose level shoots up. Such a health condition is termed as diabetes type 1.

Though it is not scientifically proven to be a genetically inherited disease, certain genetic factors contribute to the same. Surgical removal of the pancreas or severe inflammation of pancreas can also cause type 1 diabetes. The treatment for diabetes type 1 is insulin injection and a properly controlled diet. There are certain symptoms to look out.

  • Bedwetting or excessive urination: This is more evident during the night. The kidneys are trying to get rid of excessive sugar in the blood. They try to get rid of more water and hence, more urine.
  • Being thirsty frequently: The more you urinate, the more water you are losing and this may even result in dehydration.
  • Weight loss: If you lose weight without effort, it could be a symptom of type 1 diabetes, and you can check it at home with the help of Accu-Chek. This due to the low water content and the reduced sugar absorption.
  • Blurred vision: When the excess sugar reaches the lens of your eyes, it draws excess water and blurs your vision. This can even change the shape of your lens.
  • Feeling hungry and tired: You feel hungry because the body is not getting calories from the food you eat and you feel tired because the body doesn’t receive enough energy.

Those who have type 1 diabetes are more prone to diseases like heart attacks, kidney failure and the like. So it is better to prevent it by checking it regularly with Accu-Chek, following a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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